The top 10 must-see movies for children


Childhood is an important stage of life. The formation of values and the shaping of personality are closely related to this period. A child's growth stage is like a sponge that sucks and learns many things from the outside world, including the principles of being a human being. For example, there are many excellent movies that are not only good to watch, but also have great educational value. Next, Bian Xiao will introduce you to the top ten movies that children must watch. Let's take a look.

10.  The Chorus

The Chorus is a French musical film directed by Kristoff Barratier. It tells the story of a talented music teacher, Matthew, who comes to an auxiliary kindergarten. Faced with this group of wild children abandoned by adults, Matthew modifies the fate of the children and himself.

9. Homerun

Run Kid Run is a feature film directed by Leung. This movie tells the story of Ixiang who decides to run in a cross-country race because he wants to win - ££££, get a pair of beautiful shoes and give them to his sister. It is very warm and touching.

8. I'm No Fool with Fire

<I'm No Fool with Fire> is a feature film directed by Fang. It tells the story of a hero who suffers from Spielberg's syndrome - Yuexiu Zhi. It is very touching.

7. My Girl

My Girl is a Thai film about a pair of childhood friends. Although the two no longer see each other for family reasons, their destiny brings them back together when they grow up.

6. Walking to School

Walking to School" is adapted from a true story and directed by Peng and. This movie tells the story of two young siblings in a poor area who have to walk across a river every day in order to go to school.

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The director of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" is Tim Burton, and the main character of the movie is a little boy named Charlie. He and his four children are lucky enough to win a golden lottery ticket and qualify for a visit to a chocolate factory full of mysteries. So several children come to this strange factory not visited in 15 years to participate in a mysterious adventure.

4. A Grandson from America

A Grandson from America is a film based on the inheritance and preservation of shadow puppets, directed by Qu. It is a story about shadow puppets. Brooks is placed in the home of Lao Yang. Due to their different nationalities, cultures and living habits, many interesting stories happen.

3.  Like Stars on Earth

A Star on Earth is an excellent children's drama film directed by Aamir Khan. It tells the story of an 8-year-old boy, Ethan, growing up. His art teacher allows Ethan to keep his personality and ideas and lets him develop freely through his own methods.

2. The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap is a family comedy film directed by Nancy Meyers. Based on The Two Little Lots, the movie tells the story of twin sisters Annie and Holly, who have never met, reuniting after many twists and turns.

1. Wonder

Miracle Boy" is a family drama directed by Stephen Chubb. It is a film about tolerance and self-confidence, and tells the story of how a young boy with facial defects faces life after entering a normal school.